Student Resources

Student Resources

The OAC is dedicated to augmenting the education experience for optical program students across Canada. Part of a successful education experience is the ability to find additional resources that will prove helpful during your academic studies.

The OAC endeavors to continuously guide students towards additional resources. Please find a list of helpful resources below, including website links, video tutorials and information about the OAC Directory of Optical Tutors/Mentors. 

Do you have a resource you believe would be helpful for students? Please email us at 


OAC Directory of Optical Tutors/Mentors

The OAC is generating a directory of Licensed Opticians and Contact Lens Fitters across the country who have expressed interest in tutoring/mentoring individuals on optical-related topics both academically and clinically. This directory is intended for Optical program students and/or individuals undertaking educational upgrading who are looking for additional support in the form of tutoring/mentorship.

Individuals interested in obtaining a tutor/mentor can email the OAC office at   and a list of Licensed Opticians and/or Contact Lens Fitters from the directory who have expertise in the area(s) that the individual is requesting support, will be provided.

If you are a Licensed Optician and/or Contact Lens fitter who wishes to become a tutor/mentor, please email for more information.

Video Resources:

  • Back Vertex Power - How to Calculate (Janice Schmidt, LO, Georgian College faculty)

  • OAC Continuing Education Library - The OAC has an extensive online continuing education library geared towards the professional development of Opticians. The online library consist of modules in text format as well as courses offered in video format. Optical Program students (not licensed) receive FREE membership in the OAC and can access the entire continuing education library. Login to the OAC Member Portal to access the OAC library.

    Website Resources:

    • Bausch & Lomb Clinical Photo Gallery - Photographs representing approximately 400 entries submitted for the Bausch & Lomb European Research Symposium Photographic Competition over the last decade. These images are reproduced on the B&L website as an educational tool
    • Scleral Lens Troubleshooting ( GP Lens Institute – Scleral Lens Education Society) - answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to scleral lens applications, fitting, problem-solving, and lens care
    • Eye Movement Simulator - This application simulates eye motion and demonstrates the effects of disabling one or more of the 12 eyes muscles and one or more of the 6 cranial nerves that control eye motion. (Western University of Health Sciences)



    Continuing Education - Formation Continue

    Continuing Education

    The Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) has an extensive online continuing education library available to its members for use towards their professional learning requirements. The online library consists of electronic module articles as well as video modules. New content is consistently being added to the online library for the benefit of our members.

    OAC members receive unlimited online modules per year as a benefit of membership.  

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