OAC Responds To Mega Merger Between Essilor & Luxottica

1/25/2017 11:59:41 AM

“The trend of mergers and acquisitions continues in the global economy and the Optical industry is no exception. The merger of Essilor and Luxottica will create a massive 55 billion CDN international company focused on eye wear and all that it encompasses. The workforce of 140,000 includes a large number of Opticians who offer vision care services in Luxottica’s retail sector and serve as consultants and managers in the Essilor labs, lens divisions and marketing sectors.

The Opticians Association of Canada has traditionally had a great relationship with both Luxottica and Essilor. Their support of the OAC and recognition of Opticians’ skills in the delivery of vision care services is a testament to that dedication. The OAC hopes this merger will solidify the relationship and deepen both companies commitment to deliver safe and effective vision care through the services of Licensed Opticians.

The merger is expected to have little effect on our independent Optician owners as the segment of the population who are requesting custom personalized services and/or alternative eyewear selections is growing and the boutique experience can offer choice to that demograph. Speaking to our young entrepreneurial Opticians out there, we can only wait and see what new innovative business ideas will be created in light of this continued competition. 

The OAC continues to monitor all business developments internationally and locally. We believe in collaboratively working together with all eye care professionals and industry to ensure the safe delivery of the highest quality of vision care services. ”

- Robert Dalton, Executive Director, Opticians Association of Canada

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