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Welcome to the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC) website.

The Opticians Association of Canada is a professional association representing Licensed Opticians in Canada. Our mission is to promote Licensed Opticians and the profession; to develop and maintain a professional standard of knowledge and proficiency in our occupational field, and to educate and inform vision care consumers about matters related to their eye health.
The object and purpose for which the OAC has been formed is to safeguard the common interest of the profession.  To that end the OAC,
  • Promotes and increases, by all lawful means and in the public interest, the delivery by its members of the highest quality of product and services.
  • Supports and promotes the highest standards of education and licensing for, Canadian Opticians
  • Provides a national medium through which a legislative voice speaking on behalf of Canadian Opticians may be heard.
  • Publishes journals, reports, pamphlets or other papers in support of its objectives.
  • Advocates for all objectives not inconsistent with the public interest for the benefit of Canadian Opticians.

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